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The Mistake of Dismantling a High-Performing Cross-Functional Team

Why dismantle a high-performing cross-functional team once they've solved a crucial problem? That's a mistake, and let me share why.

In the world of innovation and digital transformation, where every challenge presents an opportunity for growth, the answer lies in harnessing the potential of persistent and durable teams. 

In the context of cross-functional teams, persistence or durability refers to the team's ability to maintain cohesion, collaboration, and effectiveness over an extended period.

Persistent teams persist beyond single projects, enduring challenges and fluctuations in work demands. They thrive on continuity, strong relationships, and accumulated knowledge, adapting to tackle successive challenges within a specific domain.

Durable teams endure and adapt over time, tackling interconnected problems. They embody resilience, adaptability, effective communication, shared values, continuous learning, and leadership commitment, bolstering endurance and success over the long haul.

Let's bring this concept to life and use healthcare as an example, rife with complexity and nuance. 

Imagine assembling a cross-functional team to enhance the patient experience from diagnosis to the first doctor's consultation. This journey captures scheduling, referrals, obtaining medical records, insurance coordination, etc. Each step presents unique challenges ripe for innovation.

Embracing persistent or durable teams offers organizations numerous benefits. These teams become experts, honing skills with each problem solved, gaining deeper insights into the patient journey and healthcare professionals and staff needs. 

They've proven they focus on the outcomes to achieve and track progress with defined success metrics. They excel at navigating dependencies and complexities, identifying and mitigating risks efficiently. The team knows how to test critical assumptions and make evidence-based decisions to find the fastest path to value.

Visualize persistent or durable teams, laser-focused and organized around high-value opportunities, aligned with the broader vision and strategy, consistently delivering innovative solutions to pressing challenges. 

With each failure, learning, and success, these teams grow more formidable, resilient, and a catalyst for the organization's overall success. 

So don't dissolve teams that solved crucial problems focused on areas that will drive value for the customer and the business. 

Empower these teams to continue solving crucial customer problems, accelerating the organization's ability to adapt and thrive. It fosters effective problem-solving and strengthens organizational agility amidst opportunities and threats.

Written By: Pam Krengel

Photo Courtesy of Taras-Hrytsak Unsplash