• Agile Innovation Coaches Zone

  • Overview

    To enable an organization to mature and grow its entrepreneurial capabilities, it is critical to developing in-house talent to provide support and coaching. An organization should identify their most competent contributors who have an aptitude for coaching and want to further develop their capabilities as EE Agile Innovation Coaches. In the Coaches Zone, we upskill their capabilities, knowledge, performance as a coach, and their ability to drive progress with Entrepreneurial Teams. It takes a distinct coaching skill to pull out the best of team members, stay two steps ahead of them, and empower the team to achieve their desired outcomes.

    Before Joining the Coach's Zone

    We start by understanding if there is an existing coaching framework. Its area of focus, whether agile or other practices. We want to understand how coaches work with teams, their strengths, and opportunities, to what degree they teach lean innovation concepts, and how performance is measured. If a framework is not in place, we want to learn what approaches and skills can be leveraged to build a coaching system.


    • We need to know these things about the individual coaches:

      • Desire to be an EE Agile Innovation Coach

      • Current training and coaching practice in the organization

      • What’s working and currently not working for them, and why?

      • Coaching outcomes they are trying to drive and success measures

      • Time dedicated for coaching teams

      • How coaches support one another


    Before starting work in the Coaches zone, we also will:

    • Assess and measure EE coaching capabilities of the individual coaches to have a baseline to target our efforts

    • Need coaches to accept ground rules and a structure in which they will operate before entering the Zone. Everyone will understand their role, involvement, and commitment.

    • Match coaches with Teams in the Hub

    Time in the Coach's Zone

    Coaches are immersed and guided through the following:

    • Approaches, knowledge, skills, and tools to guide, and coach Enterprise Entrepreneur teams with an allotted time dedication

    • The ins and outs of team development, team dynamics, and how to guide Entrepreneurs to high performing

    • Skills for how to assess teams’ progress and measure what matters

    • Techniques on adapting different coaching styles to work with teams

    • The artistry of intentional coaching

    • Approaches to assess themselves as coaches throughout their journey in the Hub

    • Ways coaches within organization support each other


    We will deliver Agile Innovation Coaches back into the organization with new knowledge and abilities to guide entrepreneurial teams to drive business impact. They will know how to assess the teams, measure their progress, recognize what they need, and stay two steps ahead.

    They will have gained new EQ skills that sharpen their ability to navigate challenging team dynamics.


    Agile Innovation Coaches will gain a keen understanding of priorities that enable them to guide a team to recognize and balance learning with execution goals.


    The EE Agile Innovation Coach is not for everyone. That’s why we need to talk first. It's about guiding an Entrepreneurial team in deep work to make real progress for the near, mid, and longer-term.