• Executive Station

  • Overview

    Executive Station is for an individual executive or an executive team looking to understand and enable entrepreneurial skills within their organization.


    Before Joining the Executive Station in the Hub


    We start by understanding where you are at on your digital innovation journey as a company and as an individual Executive.

    1. We need to know 3 things:

      • The what and why - mission, purpose, and how it fits into the bigger picture

      • The motivation for working in this way - what’s not working and why?

      • What you are trying to achieve - what are the outcomes you are trying to drive and what are the measures of success?

    2. We assess organizational and executive capabilities to create a baseline and to target our efforts

    3. Executives accept ground rules and a structure in which they will operate before entering the Station. Everyone will understand their role, involvement, and commitment.

    Time in the Station

    The work calls for practice, building the muscle requires doing the work, beginning Day 1. The Station will help Executives learn to remove the constraints, biases, and assumptions that inhibit their organization from driving digital innovation.

    We introduce:

    • Approaches to ensuring data-driven decision making and prioritization are core skills

    • New skill-sets to remove the friction that can stand in an organization’s way

    • Mechanisms to measure progress

    • How to frame failure as learning

    • Knowledge, skills, and tools for supporting the organization in working in this new way, including mentoring

    • Alternative ways to integrate digital innovation progress into performance management

    • Tactics to identify work that should go into the Hub

    • Techniques to pave the way for Entrepreneurial teams to operate successfully within the core business.


    We will deliver Executives back to their organizations with newfound knowledge, skills, and processes to kickstart, accelerate or scale entrepreneurial teams operating throughout the enterprise. Executives will have a frame that allows them to change the ecosystem to enable teams and leaders to work in a new way.


    Executives from the Hub are more prepared to adapt regardless of the next disruption, whether that be a new start-up, competitor or something else.


    The Executive Station is not for everyone. That’s why we need to talk first. This is not innovation theatre. It’s about building organizational capabilities needed to tackle the challenges of the future.


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