• Leadership Depot

  • Overview

    The Depot is for Leaders who are Managers, Sponsors, or individual contributors from any organizational function. They are specifically looking to understand how to enable entrepreneurial teams within their sphere of influence.

    Before Entering the Depot

    We start by understanding where you are at on your digital innovation journey.

    1. We need to know:

      • The what and why - mission, the purpose for you, and your function

      • What’s not working and why? What was tried?

      • What you are trying to achieve - what are the outcomes you are trying to drive?

      • What are your measures of success?

    2. We assess leadership capabilities to have a baseline to target our efforts

    3. Leadership accepts ground rules and a structure in which they will operate before entering the Depot. Everyone will understand their role, involvement, and commitment.

    Time in the Depot

    The work calls for practice, building the muscle requires doing the work beginning Day 1. The Depot will help Leaders learn to remove the constraints, biases, and assumptions that inhibit how teams work.

    We introduce:

    • Approaches, knowledge, skills, and tools to give teams space to learn how to work as enterprise entrepreneurs

    • How to frame failure as learning

    • Empowering teams to do work within a context instead of directing

    • Data-driven decision making and prioritization processes

    • Methods to ask the right questions and measure the progress of work towards outcomes

    • Alternative ways to integrate digital innovation progress into performance reviews, rewards, and recognition

    • Techniques to identify work and teams that should go into the Hub


    We will deliver Leaders back to their organizations with knowledge, skills, and techniques to enable entrepreneurial teams to operate in their function. They are more prepared to approach initiatives facing uncertainty in their sphere of influence with a method to achieve business impact. Launching Entrepreneurial teams in a business unit or functional area producing results in a short amount of time opens doors to real change for a Leader and an organization.


    The Leadership Depot is not for everyone. That’s why we need to talk first. This is not innovation theatre. It’s building leadership and team capabilities needed to tackle the challenges of the future.