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    These are for individuals who want to learn on their own. They love the idea of online classes that they can start and stop when their time allows. They want to learn from the best in the field, but in their own time. They know if they can learn and apply a new entrepreneurial operating mindset, it will open up leadership paths in their careers.


    Our Mastery Quests will tackle the challenges faced by each layer of the digital innovation stack. As you complete different Quests, you unlock new levels of Mastery.


    As an example, our first class will teach team members who want to lead and guide the rest of their team on the following foundational elements:

    • How to set an Entrepreneurial team up for success, whether starting out or if they have been working together

    • Approaches to dissecting the work, creating achievable outcomes and milestones

    • How to guide yourselves

    • Methods to balance and focus on the right priorities

    • Learn novel ways to understand customers and their problems

    • Game storm solutions hypothesized to solve the customer problems

    • Learn different ways to run behavioral experiments and gain empirical evidence

    • Repeat and continue learning until teams have uncovered a pathway forward


    These will be recorded sessions sliced into half-hour chapters that will include worksheets and activities. Quests will be led by a Master Enterprise Entrepreneur Facilitator. These quests will allow you to self-test how you internalize and apply the new knowledge to your work facing uncertainty. There are coaching, mentoring hours, and community times to connect with other students.


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