• High-Performing Entrepreneurial Team Assessment

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    Entrepreneurial teams face resistance. They need to learn to be comfortable living outside their comfort zone. To persevere and embrace failure as learning while making progress. It takes the right skills and knowledge to do this work as individuals and as a team member. There are plenty of traditional assessments focused on individual and team agility, scratching only the surface of the behaviors and skills required for a high-performing Entrepreneurial Team.


    Traditional assessment tests can suffer from the user’s tendency toward self-report biases - a situation that presents answers that do not necessarily reflect a team’s capabilities. The Teams tend to lean toward responding based on who they believe they should be or told to become.


    Unlike traditional assessments, we present users with an immersive, action-filled narrative in a virtual place and situations that help them discover where they are on their journey. The story unfolds as users traverse through our tidy question set.


    The first portion of the assessment compiles data points and creates each team member’s one-of-a-kind profile, showing their unique strengths, traits, and talents.


    The second portion of our assessment is the Entrepreneurial Team Profile.


    It will reveal each team member’s role, where they overlap, and where the strengths and gaps will be as they work to develop themselves into a high performing Entrepreneurial team.


    The initial assessment will provide the baseline measurement. The teams take an assessment each quarter to see their development and appreciate the new skills they’ve learned along their entrepreneurial journey. These assessments will gauge growth and aid with innovation performance reviews. It will help the Entrepreneurial Team members understand what they are genuinely hard-wired to do next, where they will excel as individuals and for the organization.


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