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  • Overview

    Leaders and teams virtually enter the Hub with assignments to deliver impact to business units or their company at large. Their assignments form the basis from which entrepreneurial skills and processes will be taught through: coaching, mentoring, and guidance, all over the course of a 3+ month journey.


    The Hub represents a symbolic space that aids in removing the constraints, biases, and assumptions while engendering a holistically new way of thinking. They experience newfound passion, empowerment, and senses of fun and play, all the while building persistence and resiliency that results in their overcoming obstacles with strength and resolve.


    Teams learn to lead themselves and how to do it in a way that rapidly delivers results.

    Before Joining the Hub

    There is prerequisite work to do before leaders and teams enter the Hub.

    1. Defined and agreed upon:

      • What and Why - mission, purpose, and how the targeted work fits into "the big picture"

      • Guardrails - their sandbox, where the team can explore and where they can’t

      • Who - the team, leadership, sponsor, and other stakeholders

      • The Commitment - everyone’s time dedication to the work in the Hub

      • Measurement of a successful outcome

      • Team’s capabilities to provide a baseline to start 360-degree assessments both while in the Hub and after leaving

      • Any potential blockers

      • Team and Individual Roles, Level of Commitment, and Structure in which participants operate while in the Hub

    Leaders and Teams enter the Hub with designated critical work that needs to deliver impact to the business.

    Time in the Hub



    Day One, participants come face-to-face with the unique nature of this way of working. It demands commitment, practice, and "muscle-building" required to do the work., including:

    • understanding customers and their problems in new and novel ways

    • using "game-storming" to develop bold ideas and solutions

    • learning to quickly and effectively test scenarios and hypotheses

    • comprehending and taking calculated risks with a limited runway

    • embracing failed experiments as multi-facet learning

    • repeating processes till scientific evidence is revealed

    • mastering best methodologies to prioritize, focus, and approach work



    Leaders tackle challenges through structured mentoring over an intensive 3-plus months period.

    • methods to remove the friction that can stand in a team’s way

    • knowledge, skill-sets, and tools to provide optimal support to teams

    • comprehensive ways to measure progress towards outcomes

    • facilitating entrepreneurial teams so they can operate successfully within the core business



    Graduating participants of the Hub return to the enterprise:

    • fully trained and prepared to tackle initiatives and make rapid progress. 
    • with a developed in-house entrepreneurial mindset
    • skilled at employing an internal, repeatable process whenever uncertainties arise

    And, executives realize measurable value from their business units operating and driving value at an entirely new level


    The Hub is not for everyone which is why we insist that we talk first before your teams enter it. This is not innovation theatre. Teams will make actual progress on work that matters and deliver real business impact.

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