• Frontline Experience

  • Who We Are

    We are Transformation Leaders and Entrepreneurs who live in this operating mindset.


    We have decades of experience as lean innovation practitioners, leaders in the digital B2B and B2C space. A laser focus on priorities and outcomes enabled us to learn fast, remain agile, act, and iterate, moving rapidly from ideation to execution, delivering new valuable products and services enabled by digital technology for our enterprise clients and millions of their customers.

    Why Us

    This last decade we’ve taken that expertise into different large complex organizations and environments expanding and enriching their most fundamental resource: people (Executives, Leaders, Teams, and Staff)


    We took our knowledge and mastery in guiding companies to design, structure, and execute transformation initiatives. These transformation initiatives were fundamental to helping organizations accelerate and innovate at scale discovering and delivering valuable customer products and services enabled by digital technology.


    Our work has taken us inside Fortune 30+ 500 and 1000 corporations, international organizations, mid-sized companies, and government agencies, helping them thrive in achieving outcomes across different industries, including Financial, Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Transportation, Insurance, Utilities, Government, Professional Sports, Manufacturing, and Hospitality.

    Proven Approach

    It’s a proven user-centered design and modern product management approach based on over a decade of experience as a practitioner, leader, and coach for organizations undertaking digital transformation. We have coached and mentored thousands of individuals from various functions/departments to collaborate in a fresh new way and deliver measurable business impact.

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    Meet Pam Krengel

    The task ahead for leaders is no small feat: The digital landscape is constantly changing, and organizations that don't adapt and transform will be left behind. The demands of customers, shifts in industry trends, and the widespread integration of data and technology are all advancing at an unprecedented pace.


    I help organizations innovate at scale and digitally transform by guiding them with design, structure, processes, and execution that build high-performing leaders and teams. With my proven transformative skills and decades of experience, organizations learn how to identify critical problems and accelerate finding the fastest path to discovering and delivering customer and business value.


    As an experienced entrepreneur and startup founder, I know what it takes to deliver value for Enterprise B2B and B2C clients and their millions of customers. I've worked with Fortune 500 companies like Cardinal Health, Ecolab, AES, Conseco, Inc., and Eli Lilly & Company.


    My expertise as an Innovation Transformation Leader I coached and mentored thousands of leaders and teams across different organizations and sectors to collaborate in a fresh new way, foster a culture of innovation and deliver measurable business impact. Sectors include Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, and Hospitality.


    I work closely within all layers of the transformation stack in Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations, international organizations with $40+ billion in revenue with 20,000+ employees, and many forward-thinking mid-sized organizations.


    My life work is empowering Leaders and Teams to unleash their full potential through learning experiences enabling them to innovate at scale. My passion for teaching, coaching, and mentoring stems from my belief that embracing digital transformation is crucial for organizations to succeed, innovate at scale, driving value and impact in the customer’s world.



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    Meet Teresa Leighty

    I am passionate about helping organizations learn to understand and respond to changing customer needs and market conditions. My career has included leadership roles in product development, operations, customer engagement and technology organizations as well as consulting and coaching. In my work I’ve observed companies of all sizes and industries struggle to manage through uncertainty and adapt their products and operations to respond.


    I began my career in management consulting where I worked with a variety of clients helping them to build and transform sales, marketing and operational components of their businesses giving me a solid understanding of what makes businesses tick. I took this grounding into the start-up world and held executive roles in financial services, telecommunications and software companies. In the start-up world, I learned how to build products that addressed real customer needs, leveraging lean, agile and customer-centric practices. All while navigating the high level of ambiguity associated with entrepreneurship.


    It became clear to me that the practices that I learned and applied in an entrepreneurial context could be used in enterprises to help them manage the types of uncertainty that have increasingly become a part of their landscape. So I began consulting and working with mid-market and Fortune 500 companies to teach them how to identify, innovate and drive customer outcomes. I have coached cross-functional teams around the world to learn the skills and mindset needed to iterate through solutions and remove risk by experimenting and making evidence-based decisions. I also believe strongly that teams can’t change a company by themselves so I have prioritized working with leaders from executives to middle managers to teach them how to build ecosystems and cultures that enable innovation.


    I’ve been lucky enough to work with a multitude of companies and hundreds of team members and it doesn’t get old! I love the moments where teams realize the power they have to impact customers and where leaders take great pride from enabling their organizations to work in a new way.

  • Let us help you navigate creating significant and transformative change within your organization, so you thrive and are not left behind.