• The Why

  • The Why

    Few could have predicted 2020. Executives, Leaders, Coaches, and Teams scrambled to respond to the constraints imposed by the pandemic. It meant working remotely, understanding customers with new needs, and learning how to find alternative ways to respond to them. Running experiments and pivoting to find a path forward. The pandemic forced organizations to work and think differently in almost all aspects of their business. Some organizations had skills to navigate this level of uncertainty, while others struggled and still are today.

    We are experts at reimagining how others learn and approach this level of uncertainty. We want to prepare Executives, Leaders, Coaches, and Teams for the future. Our approach ensures organizations can adapt regardless of the next disruption, whether that be a new start-up, competitor, or something else.


    This led us to launch EE (Enterprise Entrepreneurs) Innovation Hub. The EE Innovation Hub is a virtual space that provides Leaders and Teams the freedom to unleash their Entrepreneurial superpowers. It aids in removing constraints, biases, and assumptions, forcing a new operating mindset. The Hub builds the necessary skills needed for organizations to thrive.


    Leaders and Teams bring critical initiatives to the Hub. Through working on these initiatives, teams gain the skills needed to understand their customers and problems and generate ideas to solve them. They acquire new methods to run behavioral experiments and follow the evidence that leads them down the right path and produces results rapidly.


    Teams can’t do this work without the involvement of Executives and Leaders. If a team joins the Hub, leadership must join. The Hub mentors Leaders and provides them with the knowledge, skills, and tools to pave the way for Entrepreneurial teams to operate successfully within the core business.


    Through working in the Hub, Teams build momentum and create an internal repeatable process to use whenever they face uncertainty. Their results show other Leaders what’s possible. Executives see a slice of the business operating and driving value at an entirely new level. Leaders and Teams will bring an in-house capability to show others how to work this way and spread this new Entrepreneurial operating mindset.


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