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  • Our talks are immersive, as storytelling is an art. It’s in those opening moments, I can build trust, credibility, and connection. I’ll be telling relevant stories that strike a chord with the audience. They’ll stay with me on that journey from beginning to end. Inspired and empowered, they will leave with action steps they can put into practice.

    Speaker Topics:

    • Share how Directors, Sponsors, and Senior leaders play a significant role for teams to be successful. They needed new skills to mentor, empower the teams, and remove organization blockers for teams working in a novel way. How without new leadership skills, teams fell back into executing on what felt safe missing growth opportunities. 
    • How to measure team performance and work. What they measured drove team behavior. Guiding Leaders on what to measure became critical to the work.
    • What it took for teams to be successful and how they operated entrepreneurially. It was a balancing act. They had to execute projects that protected the core while also exploring near term growth opportunities. 
    • What it takes to mentor and coach teams on how to become high functioning and stay at that level speeding up their business impact. It is at this peak state where they achieved the impossible.
    • Creating coaching training programs replicating the skills needed to get teams to high performing. Talk about the mixture of soft and hard skills vital for teams to work under extreme uncertainty, make significant progress faster, and drive results.
    • Spending time within each layer gifted me the unique view advantage to gain a deep understanding of what each of them faces and what is most important to them to achieve. 
    • What was learned at every level of the innovation transformation stack, what works, what challenges or gaps are likely to appear, and how organizations can overcome them. From Executive to Leaders  to Coaches to Teams, each feeds into the critical innovation system that has to function to generate a continuous growth engine of products and services that creates new value for their customers.
    Pam Krengel, Co-founder at EE Innovation Hub
    Teresa Leighty, Co-founder at EE Innovation Hub
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